How To Sell To The Most Digitally Savvy Generation

Centennials, (or generation Z), constitute the youngest generational group, taking over from millennials as the most digitally savvy generation . They represent a generational leap with respect to their predecessors and are the generation of young people who are beginning to enter the labor market. Together with millennials, they will represent the majority of the world’s population by 2030. The term ‘centennials’ was coine in 2015 by the Kantar Group, to differentiate adolescents who were born in the midst of the digital explosion, specifically between 1994 and 2009 . they are both digital natives – it would be a mistake to consider them from the same perspective.

Unlike millennials, centennials do not know life without smartphones or the Internet, and this greatly influences the way they see their existence and also the way they consume products and services. Index of contents Main Characteristics of Centennials Keys in Digital Campaigns for Centennials 1. Address each individual 2. Get to the point 3. Entertain your target 4. Focus on the benefit 5. Don’t Forget: Neither Mobile Marketing nor Updating Your Technology Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns Main Characteristics of Centennials A 2016 report by the consulting firm Atrevia and Deusto Business School describes them as “the first generation that has incorporate the Internet in the earliest stages of their learning and socialization”.

Although They Share Traits With Millennials

What’s more: They like to learn on UAE Mobile Number Database own, they are creative, innovative and overexpose to information. For this reason, Centennials are consider by many to be a “high value” generation . From their only perspective, in which they do not conceive of an analog environment, they would be unable to interact in a world without screens. In fact, screens could be said to be extensions of themselves . They can toggle multiple screens at the same time (up to 5 depending on the report). The Brand as a Concept: According to Havas People , centennials are the first generation to perceive brands as a concept. They care, above all, about brands that somehow fit and fit perfectly into their lives and connect them to the things that really matter to them.

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centennials Social Proof: Online purchases and reviews from other users influence much more in this generation than in the case of millennials. Interaction in social networks: Centennials are more likely to share their own images. In that sense, they identify more with Instagram than with other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Attention spans: The attention span of millennials is 12 seconds, while that of centennials is reduce to 8 seconds. They are use to sensory overload when handling several screens at the same time (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) so they need less time to filter the stimuli or information that comes to them.

Centennials Have A Very Short Attention Span

Keys in Digital Campaigns for Centennials What are those little big changes that you can create to impact Generation Z? Here we share some keys. 1. Address each individual Centennials are the generation that controls technology the most. Sales and engagement strategies should start where these young people feel most comfortable: cell phones and social networks . Offer multiple touchpoints, with blunt individualized direct messages using various formats if possible (videos, posts, stories, etc.). Traditional advertising no longer works here. centennials Source. Get to the point It is important to communicate the message clearly and quickly . And are used to making decisions quickly, so it is necessary to communicate as they do.

They are more receptive to short and frequent messages with a more intuitive visual language than previous generations. 3. Entertain your target Centennials are not as averse to advertising as millennials, however when it comes to interacting with messages they expect more than a traditional user. They positively value authenticity, surprise. pleasant interactions and experiences that give them something of value. 4. Focus on the benefit Sometimes all that is needed is a change of perspective in the message and promoting the profitability of a product.

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