How Joel Robison Conjured Up Estonia Phone Number This Magical, Floating Great Pumpkin in Photoshop

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Estonia phone numbers

There’s no doubt that fine art Estonia Phone number photographers. Joel Robinson brings out pure magic. Whimsy in his conceptual portraiture daily. But when it comes to Halloween, he really lets his creativity and imagination run wild! With everyone’s favorite night of costumes, horror movies, favorite childhood Halloween specials, tricks and treats just around the corner, we have a special. How They Got the Shot story direct from Joel, himself. Joel gives Estonia Phone Number us the lowdown. How he created his Charlie Brown-inspired Great Pumpkin image that will make even the anti-Halloweeners smile and giggle with delight. JOEL Last year I was visiting a friend in Vermont just before Halloween. New England in the autumn is amazing, the leaves are incredible, and it seems like Halloween is on a different level altogether.

Taking It to Estonia Phone Number Post

Great Pumpkin Shoot Estonia Phone Number Location. The shoot location was one of the coolest locations I’ve been able to photograph at. It’s the remains of a home, called Madame Sherri’s Castle, tucked into the woods in New Hampshire. Under the stairwell were some neat little archways and that was going to play the part of my photo location. Taking It to Post Once I got into Photoshop, it was time to put it all together. The first step in editing most of my images begins with expanding the canvas and piecing it together with all the background photos. Some call this the Brenizer Method – it simply allows you to shoot with a prime lens using a shallow depth of field and still have a wider canvas to work with. I like to have negative Estonia Phone Number space in my photos.

Camera & Estonia Phone Number Settings

Once I expanded Estonia Phone Number the frame, I then wanted to swap out the sky that was originally behind me in the arch way. The original view of trees in the background was too busy and distracting, and it didn’t add to the magical feel that I wanted the image to have. Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool, I drew along the stonework of the archway to create a selection and then pasted a more simple sky background into that selection. Changing Background After this background swap it was time to start adding in the pumpkins to the image. Because all the elements were shot at the same time, in the same lighting, this was quite simple to do. I selected each of the pumpkin images and then pasted them into a layer. Using a Layer Mask, I brushed away Estonia Phone Number the unwanted background.

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