Gone Is The Time Of Understanding The Web Page

As a “business card”. Now it is a dynamic vehicle: it must be constantly updated and well “oiled” with quality content to attract users. Despite this, there are still many web pages without responsive design, which makes it difficult to view them on mobile devices -cell phones, tablets- and makes the time spent on them very short. In fact, Google ranks better websites whose design is compatible for mobile devices. Approximately 42% of website traffic comes from mobile devices and the trend is increasing.

Digital-marketing-strategies Responsive Design: Websites optimized for mobile devices Users of your website should feel that they navigate easily through your website. Visualizing a telephone, even indicating that it can be contacted via Whatsapp and the email address are also basic elements. The idea is to convert your visitors into leads to solve their doubts in a more personal way; Inbound Marketing strategies work much better from a website that is well optimized.

How To Boost Your Sales

With Inbound Sales Your Social Luxembourg phone number . Find an Ideal Word of Mouth The world of social media can be a puzzle. If you haven’t identified as a first step, the niche in which your customers interact. Despite the latest challenges that Facebook has faced in terms of security. It is a fact that your market spends several hours of its day using its Social Networks. The study of Media and Device Consumption among Mexican Internet. Users 2017/IAB Mexico indicates that The average time that users spend online is 7 hours 14 minutes a day.

Luxembourg phone number

Social Networks are the most used applications: Facebook is the favorite, with 92% preference. One of the most important rules of Marketing is to know your consumer base: what internally motivates them to search for something on a certain platform. Each social network has a different psychology: Pinterest, for example, is aspirational and generates very marked purchase intentions. Facebook for its part is a space to get new and fresh information. It is not about maintaining a kind of brand monologue within a new platform and saturating the user with discounts.

Think Of Your Email List As An Atm

Creating a voice that establishes a relationship of trust with your most loyal customers, those who decide to follow you, gives you the opportunity to generate real value for them and encourage them to speak well of your brand. E-Mail Marketing: More Alive than Ever digital-marketing-strategies. If your brand provides added value that your users really consider real and honest beyond generating a short-term sale, creating a mailing list of your customers places it in one of the most current strategies of digital marketing. Think of your email list as an ATM that can give you the opportunity to nurture leads and customers by turning their problems into solutions.

Today more than ever it is about quality and not quantity: you can reinforce the image of your brand; retain your customers and create stories that invite them to be shared. It is also an inexpensive way to communicate with your customers. Conclusion: Finding the right channels to communicate with users on the network is the best investment of time. Adjusting strategies, detecting what your consumer base likes best and designing the perfect mix of digital platforms will make all the difference. Designing a strong structure between your website, your social media strategy and your contact list is starting off on the right foot.


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