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At the same time, there are 6 companies under its umbrella, some of which make stand-alone games, some make strategy games, and some make RPG and card games, covering many fields. This is a combination of products. I think an independent company can’t rely on Canada Mobile Number a certain product, but has a portfolio of games, and this kind of development is relatively strong. Mobile games are also a high-risk game. Facing the future, we want to make ourselves safer, so we have made a product portfolio.

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Everyone must have a brand. We think that branding will be a big business in the next five years, because it extends to industries other than games, and we have made Canada Mobile Number some attempts. Mobile games and web games have one thing in common: 1. Take operation as the leading factor, supported by the market, channels and customer service; 2. Strengthen the construction of customer service centers to maximize care and integrity; 3. Based on high-quality traffic, The game accurately optimizes the channels; 4. Increases brand building and opens up the market branding benefits

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Canada Mobile Number

There are three main points of boutique products: originality (innovative elements brighten the traditional model), playability (rich content improves paid pursuit), and long-term (long-term layout reflects the vitality of the product). This is complementary to each other. There are many copycats in the market. When a popular product comes out, many similar products appear, and finally a Canada Mobile Number large number of them die. Playability requires the richness of content. The most important thing for high-quality products is the long-term nature. We need to learn from Tencent. I think they have done a very good job in user experience and retention. Players cannot be slaughtered as sheep, and users cannot be overconsumed. This is very disadvantageous.

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