From Lisbon, by the Sea: Teresa F Freitas’ Pastel Portugal

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Viewing Portugal through the eyes Anhui Mobile Phone Number List of Lisbon-based photographer Teresa Freitas is like stepping into a fantasy world – or, perhaps, a Wes Anderson film. With soft, airy pastel colors, bright white sunlight, and imaginative compositions, Teresa captures the coastlines and countrysides of the country she calls home in a way that gives viewers a taste of what the landscape has to offer. You can almost smell the salty sea air and feel the grit of sand under your feet. After Anhui Mobile Phone Number List completing a master’s degree in design in 2016, Teresa began pursuing photography seriously as a career. Her current work with brands involves teaming up with agencies to develop creative content for social media channels – particularly Instagram. In 2018 alone, Teresa collaborated with Polaroid, Fujifilm, American Express, Huawei, Fairmont and Corinthia Hotels, and Netflix, among others.


Where Did This Style Come Anhui Mobile Phone Number List From?

Color can shape the image and detach Anhui Mobile Phone Number List it from reality, even if just subtly. That’s what I see when looking at my photographs after editing: something that exists, but isn’t quite real. That’s something you just know, I don’t think it’s explainable. You see it and you immediately feel it. At least, that’s what happens in my case. You’ve learned and trained your eye through time and experience to be able to recognize the final image. I always have the Anhui Mobile Phone Number List editing process in the back of my head, so I know that things will look different when I start working on them. Then, I usually make quick colored sketches of my ideas to present to the brand, with a couple of topics on the side if necessary. I find this works much better for me than to explain it through words.

How You Begin Your Anhui Mobile Phone Number List Creative Process?

It depends. If I’m traveling, there Anhui Mobile Phone Number List isn’t really a creative process. Although I always look up some things I want to see or do beforehand, they’re usually not what I’m going to photograph or publish after.  On the other hand, if it’s a collaboration with a brand, that’s another story. It obviously starts with the briefing and what the brand is trying to achieve. I usually sit down quietly and start writing ideas that pop into my head into a checkbox list. I’m trying to Anhui Mobile Phone Number List answer the questions of ‘What can I relate this product/service with?’ ‘How would I like to show it?’ ‘What props can I use to make it interesting?’

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