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Recently, the short video has aroused a great response from the society. It is like a sleeping lionĀ  awaken by its prey. And once again pushing itself into the air on the Internet platform. But I don’t know if I want to use the wind to help my growth. Or I want to expand based on my own growth! But then again. Short videos are a derivative of the social circle. When there is no Internet, the Bahrain Mobile Number relationship chain is relatively simple and only be limit to blood relationship and distance; after the Internet, a single relationship chain satisfy diverse users, and a social tree is gradually derive. As for where did the seeds come from? I think we can start with the Internet social giant Facebook . Facebook service history (or mergers and acquisitions).

Facebook Service History Bahrain Mobile Number

The original intention of the design Maybe many users don’t know the real purpose of Facebook being made! Actually! The idea of Facebook comes from: the traditional paper “roll roll” is the “roster”. But the real purpose of the roll is to help people. In the school better understand and learn ( American famous schools ). To put it another way: it is to provide an open social platform for Bahrain Mobile Number social people to play in the social circle. Main function The world’s number one photo sharing site, mapping it to our current scene is similar to sharing with WeChat Moments, sharing on Weibo, sharing of short video products, etc.

Mergers and Acquisitions Bahrain Mobile Number

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Target circle First meet the founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is a student at Harvard University . I think: he may be the “little prince of the social circle”, knowing that the traditional social methods cannot satisfy the college students of that era. Then the first batch of users of the Bahrain Mobile Number social network will be lock in the identity of the students in the school , so the registration of the website is limit to the students of Harvard College. But within two months , enrollment expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, Boston College, Boston University, Boston University, MIT, Tufts, University of Rochester, Stanford, NYU, Northwestern Universities and all the Ivy League schools.

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