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The news clients in 2013 are represented by comprehensive ones, such as Sohu News Client, Tencent News Client, Baidu News Client, NetEase News Client, Toutiao, etc. Professional categories such as Business Technology, Yidian Information, etc., of course Many news websites have also launched news client products. I prefer to call this kind of APP small and beautiful. The audience is Hong Kong Phone Numbers too narrow, and the number of users is not high. It is only an output channel for news websites on the mobile terminal. not so useful. Sohu news client announced that the number of users exceeded 100 million in April 2013; NetEase news client announced that the number of users had exceeded 120 million in July 2013, and daily active users reached 40 million; Tencent news client in the first half of 2013 It was announced that the number of users reached 140 million.

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Some people once said that the news client will also be a mobile Internet entry-level product. With the development of the mobile Internet, the news client does Hong Kong Phone Numbers have its necessity. It is one of the main channels for users to obtain information, but it is the entrance. What? Obviously not, so why do Internet companies start to compete for the “one acre and three points” of news clients? Even CCTV has launched a news client product.

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We don’t analyze the reasons why they compete for it, but it is nothing more than the company’s strategic needs, the dividends of the news client market, and the Hong Kong Phone Numbers use of the client to drive other products. Here we just talk about the news client product, what it does to users and what their needs are for it. Users use the news client to obtain information. What kind of information do users need?

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