Fall In Love With Your Customers During Valentine’s Day

After Christmas, New Year and Three Kings Day, consumers seem less enthusiastic to buy, as they have spent for the holidays and need to save. But do not trust yourself, in February there is another important date that you can take advantage of as a brand: Valentine’s Day. Index of contents The sale opportunity on Valentine’s Day Who is the Valentine buyer? Purchase intention 5 tips for advertising campaigns on Valentine’s Day Upload story on Instagram Invite your customers to share.

Take a look at the singles Run loyalty campaigns Break stereotypes and set trends 3 examples of Valentine’s advertising Woolworths (supermarket) Necco (candy brand) Sour Patch Kids: Sweet Then Sour (candy brand) Conclution The sale opportunity on Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is a great marketing opportunity because it is the fifth most important date for Mexican commerce, according to data provided by the Mexican Internet Association. Consumption behavior increases during these dates as follows.

What Are They Buying?

Christmas 63% Hot Sale 57% The Morocco phone number End 52% Mother’s Day 45%.Valentine’s Day 40% According to data collected by Google. It is estimated that in 2018 sales during Valentine’s Day will amount to 21,500 million pesos. Which represents an increase of 3% compared to last year. The same Google study reveals that more than 50% of sales at this time will be carried out. Thanks to the influence of digital campaigns. Who is the Valentine buyer? As you can see in the graphs below. 62% of buyers are women and 81% do not have children. Most are between 18 and 24 years old.

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But Google’s report shows some more interesting insights about. Valentine shoppers: They are beauty connoisseurs: they spend a considerable part of their income on beauty products. They express themselves with photos: they like to share photos on their social networks. They are device enthusiasts: 80% of shoppers pay attention to new mobile device versions and product previews as they come out. Valentine’s Consumers Source: ilifebelt. What are they buying? During Valentine’s Day, Mexicans are buying: Retail: in this sector what is most sought after are shoes, tennis, men’s and women’s clothing.

Apart From Reaching More People

Beauty and personal care Drinks and night entertainment. Bars, clubs, restaurants purchase intention shopping valentine Source. Ilifebelt. 5 tips for advertising campaigns on Valentine’s Day Upload story on Instagram This date is an excellent time to upload stories to Instagram with messages related to love, transmitting the values ​​of your brand. Therefore, You can boost the reach of your videos from the Facebook advertising platform. This way you will be able to segment your audience.

Invite your customers to share Invite them to share the love, you can offer a prize, a romantic dinner or a discount. It is important to synchronize your social networks with eye-catching and fun content. Take a look at the singles There are many people who are single and happy with life. That is why you have to contemplate in your marketing and advertising campaigns on Valentine’s Day and offer alternatives to celebrate this day. Run loyalty campaigns Valentine’s Day is not only ideal for selling, it is also the perfect date to strengthen a good relationship between brand and consumer.

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