Facebook’s Effort To Integrate With Its Users

The initiative comes after an investigation carried out. By Facebook that showed that 27% of the city’s inhabitants. Do not know how to make privacy settings in their profile . Facebook Cafes What does Facebook achieve? Through Facebook Cafés is intended to show a genuine interest. On the part of the company in helping its users. Especially since the study showed that despite the fact that there is a real concern about the use of the data. Few are the ones who make the adjustments in the account. Facebook adapts to the times that mark customers and habits.

Amazon’s steps to open physical stores and maintain a constant presence. In the minds of customers surely influence this campaign. Facebook Cafés are the PR strategy that will allow Mark Zuckerberg. To continue to increase the public’s focus on privacy settings. The first store will open at the end of this month. Surely we will be witnessing the user experience inside these premises. The next step, even if it is a test, is to provide the way in which digital companies seek. To create one more bond in strengthening their communication. And create an on-off line experience at the same time.

What Is A Community Manager

The role played by a community Algeria mobile number list in the image of a brand is increasingly important. Social networks and the power that users have gained to express themselves. Evaluate, comment and, above all, influence, create an ideal environment to connect on a more personal level. Between what the customer wants and the brand has to offer. What is the relevance of a professional community manager in the company? Why is your presence increasingly important? For years, the importance of a community manager in the success. Of the brand has been taking on more and more relevance.

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Throughout this time, myths have also arisen around the value. Of their work and the responsibility it implies. Myths that can affect the good results of the brand in this digital village that is the Internet. Let’s remember that the eyes and attention of customers are. On social networks, and if you don’t have a presence, the brand simply doesn’t exist for consumers. Some of the myths that still revolve around. The professional community manager (CM) are: Being a CM is a hobby.

How Does It Influence Your Digital Presence?

It can be done by anyone who dominates Facebook and Twitter. It’s a free job. Someone in the company can do it in their “free time”. My nephew has Instagram: he can be my Community Manager. This last myth is heard more than expected. By entrepreneurs who want the best for their company. Because they believe that having a younger family member. Who is on social networks all day is already a person trained to manage the company networks. The value you give to your brand and the relationship you have with your clients. Real and potential – is directly proportional to the importance you give to the Community Manager.



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