Facebook To Open Temporary Cafes In London

Branded_content Sponsored Content The sponsored content or sponsored content is produced in collaboration with the medium in which it will be advertised and the brand . It must be created with quality to generate the expected engagement -recognition, traffic to the brand’s website, conversions on the landing page if applicable, etc. and not be seen as just another ad. Instead of making your audience feel like they stumbled upon a commercial, the goal is for them to feel like they discovered some interesting attribute of your brand.

The Brand TOGETHER WITH the medium where it will be advertise Where is it publish? – On media platforms The brand pays for that type of content Example: advertorial , inserts, influencer marketing It must be very well produce so that it does not seem commercial and is invasive. Examples: Dell “features” on the New York Times website: brand-content Selena Gomez and her Instagram account: The possibilities of sponsor content have multiplie thanks to Social Networks, as well as the debate on the limits and successes of influencer marketing.

Who Produces The Content?

Sponsor-content Native Content Albania mobile number database content. Or native advertising – is paid content that relates to or matches. The publication’s editorial standards while satisfying reader expectations. On a web page it is the one that appears after the main content under. The legends of the type “recommend” or “from the web”. The links are usually promoted by a different source. Brand-content The difference with sponsor content is that. When you click on a recommend link, it takes you to a site that. Sometimes the url indicates. That it is not a secure site and b) directly sells a product or service.

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Conclution: Studies reveal that the public remembers brand content twice. More than a traditional ad (Hubspot 2019) . Whether from a post on Social Networks to the production of a video, podcast or infographic. We must ensure that the type of content attracts, entertains and at the same time transmits attributes of your brand. The empathy that comes through storytelling is a great tool. To build trust in the public and create a long-term relationship with your clients. Facebook continues to make efforts to prove that it really wants to support its users.

Each Location Will Be Open For Two Days

The world of marketing advances at the rate at which user preferences are mold. With new habits; that is to say: at an incredible speed. The border between online and offline can be diluted base on this need to maintain. A closeness between the brand and the client, to strengthen trust and maintain a relationship that is sustained over time. Index of contents Facebook opens Pop-Up. Or Temporary Cafes What does Facebook achieve? Facebook opens Pop-Up or Temporary Cafes In its latest attempt. To prove that it is not a company. That sells its users’ information to the highest bidder, Facebook has decide. To cross the bridge to the offline universe by opening temporary cafes that will arrive in London.

The main objective is to be a physical point where customers receive support. And tips on their privacy settings and receive a free coffee. There will be 5 pop-up cafes that will open in different parts of London from August 28 to September. Giving people a chance to come in and ask any questions they need. Especially with a special focus on the subject of privacy settings. In fact, the pop-up shop will only give free drinks. To those who are willing to have their settings check, also at no cost.


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