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This is tantamount to “boiling a frog in warm water”. It is easy for a large company to stabilize its performance, but if you want to create a peak in subversive innovation, you can only kill yourself. No large company will do this. Zheng Zhaohui encountered the ceiling France Mobile Number and decided to start a business. On average, they are more difficult to read. Readers tend to stop reading texts with lots of long sentences earlier. Only if you fail in a big company is it worth starting a business and continuing to do it.

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Interest information apps subscribed by users are definitely valuable. This “shuffled arrangement” method breaks the traditional way of browsing news and focuses on the interests of users. As a start-up company, Yidian Information entered the mobile reading field France Mobile Number relatively late. Zheng Zhaohui commented on social search: “Even if China doesn’t have it, social search has been done in the United States for a long time. Google, Yahoo, and Facebook are doing it. It’s not innovative. You know, it’s never the search itself that subverts search.”

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France Mobile Number

Zheng Zhaohui’s professional experience will inevitably remind people of Liu Jun of Yunyun.com. Before founding Yunyun.com, Jun Liu served as the Vice President of Google China Engineering Research Institute and Director of Global Engineering Technology, and served as the Chief Scientist of People’s Search. After Google withdrew from China, Liu Jun brought out a group of core France Mobile Number Google Chinese search technology teams to establish Yunyunwang was originally Liu Jun’s masterpiece to realize the vision of social search, but because of its complex products, ungrounded, and lack of user thinking, it has always been tepid and lacking in energy. After two years of perseverance, the founding team almost all cashed out.

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