Even Making Small Testimonials Is A Good Option

Just remember that in this content it is important to take care of the image of your company, take care of the production of your digital photos and videos and, if necessary, go to professionals. One point that you should never leave out is the title of your publications. There are studies that show that of the 100% who read our first line, only 20% click on the publication, so every minute we spend designing our title and making it more attractive is worth it. Make sure it grabs attention, is clear about what people will find in your post, or even sparks some curiosity so they’ll want to read more.

To be able to generate a relevant network of contacts takes time and work. Consider that only those users who see value in this relationship will follow you, for which you have to publish relevant content on a regular basis. Share with your community what you think might be useful to them. In the same way, when you receive a comment, do not stop responding. Social networks seek to encourage dialogue and value companies that are willing to interact and share. Use the network to learn more about your customers and adapt your services to them. LinkedIn Conclution.

Interact With Your Network

LinkedIn is a great opportunity for Norway phone number , since it gives us access to highly profiled and defined contacts, in addition to the fact that we can carry out segmented digital marketing campaigns, with which you will reach very specific audiences. Work on your LinkedIn profile and its content, but don’t hesitate to seek expert advice to help you take advantage of all the potential you can find on this network. Big Data has changed the world.

Norway phone number

Companies know much more about their consumers and adjust their products, services and marketing strategy accordingly. But Big Data is also used to find the perfect candidate to fill a job. But an alternative to this trend has arrived: Small Data and it is totally the opposite. This concept investigates customers in detail; the reason for their behaviors, their emotions, etc. analytics Index of contents What is Big Data? Big Data Categories Tools Benefits of Big Data What is Small Data? How does Small Data help you in your business? Conclusions What is Big Data? But first it is necessary to understand well what Big Data is.

The Data War: Small Data Versus Big Data

It is all the information that cannot be processed or analyzed using traditional processes or tools because it is too large in volume and has a great variety of data. For example, it can be data from mobile devices, audio, video, GPS systems, countless digital sensors in industrial equipment, automobiles, etc. To give you an idea of ​​the volume of all this data: there are 2.7 Zetabytes of data today. A Zetabyte is 1,000,000,000,000 Gigabytes and a Gigabyte is more or less equivalent to a 7-minute video. So today there are 1,890,000,000,000 7-minute videos in data.

Big Data can give you a lot of information about your consumers, what they like, what they don’t like, their work and personal life, their behavior, etc. In this blog we explain how to make the most of it. “The goal is to make pertinent decisions, without the need to look for experts in each area” – Alberto Vázquez, founder of Estado Cero. The first step is what problem do you want to solve? When there are so many types of data, it is important to classify the information well. If you have a very clear objective, it is easier to know what data to analyze.

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