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So that’s why we’re talking about big data now, because there’s so much to deal with. And when you can digitize more and more things. When you can get more and more data, it’s not the same as before. The original statistics have to have a sampling, because you can’t Bahamas Mobile Number get the whole, because the whole is too much, and it is impossible to calculate. Now, when the storage capacity expands infinitely and the computing power for processing data continues to improve, what we are dealing with now is often not a sample data, but a whole data. So at this time, there are a lot of things that you couldn’t think of before, but now you can do them.

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Let me start with a case that is wine. How to taste wine? It used to be an expert in wine tasting. He will first smell what it tastes and smell, and then see if it is hanging on the glass, and finally tell you what estate and year this wine is probably from. However, when a sommelier is Bahamas Mobile Number tasting a new wine, because the true quality of the wine has not yet been formed, his identification is never reliable. In addition, when a taster’s reputation is getting higher and higher, he is afraid to make bold judgments because he has to take care of his own reputation.

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An economist at Princeton University also likes to collect wine. He wondered if he could predict the quality of the wine in this place this year? Then he started Bahamas Mobile Number to find a lot of data, and finally got a secret. The quality of wine is related to factors such as winter rainfall, average temperature during the growing season, rainfall during harvest season, soil composition and so on. In 1989,

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