The Bright, Whimsical and Entirely Weird 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers World of Instagram Star Natalia Seth

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Photographer and multimedia artist 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers Natalia Seth, also known as escaping youth, started on Instagram when she was just 13 years old. In a new PHLEARN tutorial called, “Surreal Portrait Compositing in Photoshop,” Natalia joins Aaron in the studio to share her workflow with us. There’s over four hours of awesome content, with 22 video tutorials that walk us through how she combines images, applies creative coloring, and retouches her portraits in 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers Photoshop.

I had the chance to chat with Natalia about 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers her success on Instagram, her new photo book, how she comes up with her imaginative ideas and brings them to life, and her dream come true of getting to work with people and companies that have 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers inspired her since she began as an image creator.

You Just Recently Spent Some 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers Time at The Phlearn Studio

Yeah. Oh, my goodness, it was 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers a dream. I’m a really big fan of PHLEARN. This is my second time with Aaron; I met him for the first time at Adobe MAX. But, getting to actually know him, and the team, and just being there in Chicago was amazing. I spent four days there. The first day was just preparation, and then the next three days were shooting. PHLEARN is basically the building blocks of my education of Photoshop. It’s the only YouTube or teaching service for Photoshop 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers that I ever stuck with because it was free and it was really well done and I could understand it. My mom is actually an artist, so she had Photoshop. That led me to experiment and see what the heck Photoshop was; it was so different from all the apps I’d been using.

How Did You Get Started in 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers Photography?

Well, I started back when 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers I was 13. I found an edit account on Instagram around 2013, and this is also around when Instagram was just starting, so everything was still kind of new. I found this account of another teenage girl who was also doing surrealistic edits of herself. She would have these crazy photos where half 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers of her head would be coming out of a frame, or she would be coming out of a cloud. So, I stalked her, basically, and found what apps she used and what camera she used. I didn’t have any resources or even a phone back then, so I used my mom’s iPhone 4S for a lot of my self-portraits in the beginning.

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