Emojis Are The Most Popular Language On The Internet

As 95% of people use them to communicate. For brands, they can give them a real-time view of how they are perceived compared to their competitors. A study by Brandwatch Analytics looked at 6 billion emojis shared online over two years. It was discovered that there are about 3,000 emojis , and on average 250 million are published each month and that as time goes by there will be more emoticons that replace everyday language. Brands can now track their usage to better connect with their audiences, assess their health against the industry average or emotion by location.

Thus, we can have a real-time view of how products or services are perceived online compared to competitors. The emojis are in most social networks , we find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and WhatsApp can not miss. 10 billion emojis are sent around the world every day . emoji coming out of phone Digital marketing Why Include Emojis in Your Brand Strategy? Emojis are a phenomenon that has been expanding towards brands, which have begun to include them in some of their tactics; especially for B2C campaigns for some generations.

According To Data From Brandwatch

These tools not only work on social Austria phone numbers list . But also help a lot in campaigns such as mail (subject), in the SERPSs or on the website . And of course, do not forget the content (images, videos or infographics). So that you have an idea of ​​everything. You can achieve with the use of emojis. We share with you some of the main advantages they bring to the brand. They humanize the brand According to the study Emoticons in mind: An event-relate potential. When people see an Emoji, their brains behave in the same way as when they see a real human face.

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It is for this reason that by using them in our marketing strategy. The brand looks more human and authentic . And so the opportunities. To capture the attention of the audience are increase, making them identify and connect with the brand. Increase Brand Awareness With images, emojis stay longer. With an impression that stays in the mind and heart of the user. Thus, they help build brand awareness . Some may be use that are similar to the brand’s logo. Or that refer to the brand’s products and services.

People Thinking Alike Planner’s Basement

Brand awareness megaphone refreshmh. 3) They highlight the storytelling Storytelling is an effective way to communicate brand messages and create bonds between brands and consumers. Emojis , these little images, are consider as a type of visual content that helps support or build the brand story. storytelling eventplus This gives content a unique branding that helps highlight key messages and create a casual, human experience that encourages audience engagement and delivers better results.

Increase engagement If we use emojis in our communication, not only do we have a better approach with the audience , but it also drives their actions; further stimulating interactions (likes, shares and comments on social networks) . According to HubSpot, emojis can increase Twitter engagement by 25.4%, Facebook reactions by 57%, and comments by 33%. digital engagement Insta Boom 5) They drive clicks In the case of mailing campaigns , the use of emojis can represent a considerable increase in both the opening rate and the click-through rate .

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