Embracing the Beauty of Awkwardness Belize Phone Number with Ben Sasso

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Belize Phone Numbers

Based out of Los Angeles, photographer Belize Phone number and educator. Ben Sasse lives in a van, creating art and teaching courses to help others improve their craft. His work blends creamy natural light with vintage-inspired elements of blur and grain to create a consistent style that speaks to his perspective as an artist – someone who sees the value in creating in a way that is true to his own unique “awkwardness.” With more than 110k followers Belize Phone Number on Instagram. It’s clear Ben’s awkwardness is something others can identify with. His award-winning work has earned him the titles of “Educator to Watch” and “Rising Star of Wedding Photography” by Rangefinder Magazine, and he’s been featured in a variety of magazines, podcasts, and summits. He’s even the founder of his own photography camp, Heck Yeah!

How Did You Get Belize Phone Number Your Start?

We caught up with Ben to talk Belize Phone Number about what motivates his artwork, what his creative process looks like, and what success means to him. Ben Sasso Portraiture When did you first begin to consider yourself a photographer and artist? How did you get your start? BEN I latched onto the identity of “creative” at a pretty young age. I think I was attracted to the idea of being in that outsider fringe group of weird people because I saw society as some sort of illusion that people get tricked into. Turns out, I tricked myself into another society. I started shooting when my yearbook teacher gave me an old film camera as a graduation present. Up until then, I was thinking interior design or special ed teacher.

However, the breeze or circumstance had other Belize Phone Number plans. What artists or photographers do you most admire? And how has their work influenced your own? BEN I love seeing artists who follow their own ideas instead of riding on the current trends.

How Has Their Work Influenced Belize Phone Number Your Own?

Surprise is one of the most potent perfumes Belize Phone Number of art. Seeing a photograph or painting that makes you say, “Oh, shit!” is one of the biggest joys I get out of art – and that only happens when artists are willing to, and brave enough to put out their own unique take. This happens everywhere: music, lyrics, movies, poetry, etc. Being unique is as easy as existing. Creating work from that place takes bravery and freedom from the desire to achieve anything other than temporary creative achievement. I think those artists Belize Phone Number have influenced me. By illustrating the difference between creating for the enjoyment of creating and creating for achievement.

Seeing such stark differences in those Belize Phone Number two paths made it pretty clear which path I want to walk, and which path is the most conducive to creative fulfillment. It took me about 10 years to work through my desire for achievement and my instinctive motion toward “success.” My work in the past few years has begun to fall apart.

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