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Xu Qi’s company is located in the suburbs of Beijing. In his own words, “within a radius Namibia Mobile Number of ten miles, there are few faces except for colleagues.” When there was no online ticket purchase, Xu Qi would take a day off from his employer. After more than two hours of Namibia Mobile Number traveling by car and subway, he waited at the train station for one night to buy a ticket home. If you can’t buy it, you can only buy expensive air tickets home. Try it with luck.”

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On the night of December 30th, Xu Qi slept with his computer all night. When the alarm rang at 7:20 the next morning, Xu Qi immediately turned on the computer without rubbing his eyes. Xu Qi neatly boarded the 12306 website and confirmed the preparations he had Namibia Mobile Number done before. The identity information is completed, Alipay is no problem, everything is ready, only the ticket is owed. The room was extremely quiet, and Xu Qi didn’t dare to move his hand holding the mouse. “At the time I felt like Namibia Mobile Number my heart was shaking, ‘What if I could buy it? That saves a lot of money, and I can buy a bottle of wine for my dad and a dress for my mom. “Xu Qi thought to himself.

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Namibia Mobile Number
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When the needle pointed to “8”, Xu Qi quickly refreshed the page and clicked “Ticket Booking”. Fortunately, the page started to jump, which means that the ticket purchase was 80% successful. But, unfortunately, at the time of confirmation, the identity information is not your own! When I bought the ticket again, I found that the page could not be opened. “Maybe it’s also because I just Namibia Mobile Number bought tickets online with the mentality of trying it out. It’s not very important to me whether I can buy them. However, when I see other people’s Namibia Mobile Number identity information, I still feel my scalp tingling. Because this means that it is very likely that others have also seen my identity information! At this time, Xu Qi was no longer in the mood to think about whether he could buy a ticket to go home.

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