Digital Strategies To Overcome The January Slope

After the tsunami of sales caused by the Christmas season, January represents a notable low for the vast majority of businesses. This declining activity is known as “The Slope of January” , however, with the right digital strategies , you can level your sales and recover sooner than expected. As you know, digital marketing can be a great ally, and the most advisable thing is that you receive support and advice from the best experts, as is the case with the WOM GP team , to find in the most appropriate way the strategies that get the most out of it. benefit your brand or business. Are you ready to optimize your content and generate online sales? Contact us here .

Index of contents Digital strategies you can use Apply promotions Introduce what’s new Digital marketing has its benefits Captivate with your social networks Digital strategies you can use In order to confront the decrease in economic activity during the first month of the year, the best thing to do is to focus on good practices to contain expenses, but we recommend that you allocate resources to digital marketing , putting into practice some strategies that will get you ahead. Digital strategies that you can use on the January slope. Apply promotions As we already mentioned, January is a month where consumers try to avoid big expenses and look to get back on their feet financially.

Adapt The Videos To Your Algorithm

Think about the different ways in Belgium Phone Number List social networks behave. For example, on Twitter , the content that prevails is the last minute. On Snapchat , it’s ephemeral content. On Facebook , on the other hand. It prevails in more time and gives rise to more people generating reactions to the same content. Video is one of the best formats to generate emotional content. Include SEO in your strategy: Especially if our video campaign includes YouTube. It is essential to have a good keyword strategy to increase the number of views. The good thing, if it is brief, is twice as good: Although it is true. That each social network has its star duration. It is true that short content is usually more successful.

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Use storytelling to communicate more effectively. If we want to win over our users and make them remember our brand. We have a great story, you must use good storytelling. No one wants to see, let alone share, yet another ad. Let’s be more creative and make content that reaches the heart. Make the customer the protagonist. If we want to win the attention of our users. We must make them the center of our story. And the content has to be specifically aimed at them, so that they feel part of. That content and, of course, be of interest to them.

The Novelties Attract A Lot Of Attention

The best thing you can do for your business is. To implement a good offer and promotion plan. In this way, customers will be encouraged to spend a little while taking advantage. Of the fact that the products have a discount. In addition, there are groups of consumers. Who prefer to spend at the beginning of the year, precisely because of the sales. One recommendation is that you extend your promotions until the beginning of February. Also, try to announce that the merchandise you offer is on sale. And that it is about to run out, highlighting the price. This will give the consumer a sense of urgency. Introduce what’s new During this month and the next. Prepare the new products that you are going to present.

Usually very attractive to your customers. In case one of your products has sold out during the year-end sales, it is appropriate to inform that it is available again. Present your new products. Digital marketing has its benefits If you do not invest in digital marketing, it is most likely that you will not notice substantial changes in your sales . Similarly, traditional advertising may not be the most effective, this is where you have to invest in a good digital strategy. For your business to have the success you are looking for, the most recommended thing is to carry out a digital campaign such as SEO positioning, use mailing and advertise on social networks.


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