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There are a number of reasons why you might. Want to remove a page from google’s search index. How to remove indexed pages from google search? I used to think that the more pages I had on the google index, the more traffic I would get. But this is not true. I realized this when I was first checking rtb’s google indexed pages. What I found was embarrassing. Lots of useless pages were indexed by google, even some of. Them had no content. Delete pages indexed on google delete pages indexed on google delete pages indexed. On google having these low quality pages can also hurt your seo. Besides there is no reason. To have these useless pages on the google index. In this article, I will share how

When to delete indexed pages There can be many reasons

for removing urls. But here are some of the most common. A page containing. Confidential data has been indexed by google and you want to extract it from the Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List   index. You deleted.A post a long time ago, but it still appears in search results. Your site has been hit by panda for poor quality content. You don’t want specific pages (like the privacy policy page) to show up in. Search results. Google webmaster tools reports that a page does not meet google’s guidelines. When. Not to delete indexed pages? Although you have the power to remove all urls from google search results, there may be situations where you shouldn’t. Google provides some guidelines on this. Here are the situations. Google’s crawlers.

Naturally remove outdated urls from the index

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So you don’t need to request an urgent update for these old pages. You don’t need to remove urls due to crawl errors. They will fall off naturally over time. If you think your site might have manual action, don’t delete urls to start with a clean slate. Instead, file a reconsideration request. After correcting it. If your site has been hacked and the wrong urls have been indexed by google, do not block the entire site. Just block those bad urls. But in the beginning, clean your site. And let google re-crawl your site. Don’t use the url blocker to remove different versions of a page. Use url. Canonicalization instead. How to check indexed pages in google before you take action, you need to know which pages on your site.

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