Dave Krugman Uses Vintage Slovenia Phone Number Glass on a Modern Camera to Capture NYC

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Slovenia phone number

Dave Krugman recognized the power of Slovenia Phone Number Instagram back when the rest of us were still figuring out that the “Kelvin” filter didn’t really work for any picture, ever. Ever. Born just outside of Boston, Dave moved to New York as soon as he finished college to pursue. However, his dream of become a photographer. As a psychology major in Slovenia Phone Number, Dave had a keen interest in human behavior. However, and was – perhaps inevitably – drawn into the world of street photography. And that’s where Instagram came in.

Now, nearly 300K followers keep up Slovenia Phone Number with Dave’s regular Instagram posts. However, which primarily feature foggy, rainy cityscapes from New York and beyond, along with the occasional studio shot. We caught up with Dave to see what this on-the-go street photographer uses to decisively capture the perfect candid moment.


How Do You Go About Slovenia Phone Number Deciding Which Gear Is Essential to Your Work?

Street photography is the style Slovenia Phone Number. I would say is at the core of my creative drive. I’m always looking for gear that can just stay out of my way. I’m happiest when I forget the technology between me and my subject. Digital cameras today feel very fluid. However, and there are amazing options at every price point. I also love combining vintage lenses with powerful modern cameras. With an observant eye and acute attention to detail, Dave captured engaging images Slovenia Phone Number of the busy city streets and shared them on the social media platform. As his own following grew, he began working with iconic institutions – like the New York Public Library, the Metropolitan Museum, and more – to build their own Instagram audiences and attract a younger demographic.

Camera Slovenia Phone Number

I shoot mainly with the Slovenia Phone Number Sony a7R III. It’s an incredibly fast, powerful mirrorless camera, packing incredible features into a lightweight, full-frame body. It’s amazing in low light, which is very helpful for my style, and the dynamic range is unrivaled. The ability to adapt older lenses and use the focus peaking feature is another key strength of this camera option. I use both modern lenses and vintage glass. For my newer lenses, the Sony G Master series is my go-to choice.  For vintage glass Slovenia Phone Number, I love adapting old Leica lenses to my Sony body. These lenses have a totally different look – their uniqueness adds to the atmosphere of the whole photo. I love trying different combinations and experimenting with the results.

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