Cultural Differences in Websites

In a conference at one of the largest digital marketing fairs. The founder of twitter talked about everything. The head of twitter destinations spoke at a digital mkt fair in germany about the future of the social network. About the rumors of sales and about which are the best accounts (and gave an example). In a videoconference in the middle of the digital marketing fair dmexco 2016 , in germany. The top ceo and co-founder of twitter, jack dorsey. Gave interesting concepts about the future of the little blue bird’s social network. And described elon musk ‘s account as the best. Before an audience in which there were representatives of hundreds of leading companies in the digital world. Such as adobe, ebay, facebook, google  and twitter itself. Dorsey spoke about the rumors of sale and about the concepts on it. Which your network must rely to become stronger.

Utting the Focus on Information in Real Time Is Our Number

These are some of his most important phrases in response to questions from martin sorrel. The ceo of wpp and organizer of the fair. Twitter for sale? (ella no said ‘no’ and answered this) “we have a solid plan. And we are making the necessary innovations to sustain. what is at the heart of our business”. Best account: elon musk. “he has Finland WhatsApp Number List  one of the best twitter accounts because he’s constantly online and talking about. What’s going on and how he feels about it. This is how his account is, very open. It is a very good model to see what a good twitter account is like.”elon musk ii. “He gets into conversations, you see that he loves what he does. He’s a scientist and a geek at the same time, and he has conversations about everything.” “we have an opportunity to continue to strengthen our spirit of showing. What is happening, the news.

These are some of his most important

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Putting the focus on information in real time is our number one strength. On twitter, we bring the news to the world.”present. “we are the vehicle of many people’s conversations and that is why our heart is set on today. Live streaming is the perfect complement to twitter.”before anyone. “on twitter I found out that michael jackson died. Or if there was a protest, or a new version of a product. The iphone that just launched. What do people think about it? Are you going to buy it? Should I buy it? On twitter we have a lot of conversations about all the topics that are on the agenda. Also in the vehicle so that people can use it. As a diffusion mechanism to reach the world faster than anyone else.”

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