Create Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

With this phrase you can make your interlocutor feel that the decision depends on him, and that you are not pressuring him. “Your name)” When someone hears or reads their own name, there is a brain activation in the left hemisphere that can be quite pleasant. That usually gets us to give more credibility to messages that contain a proposal, email or personalized invitation. Customer Experience Mr. Missri, Nespresso Club Member since 2004 The user experience can radically change with the use of the right words. Knowing how to use them and knowing what attracts your audience the most is a constant task.

With the most followers in Mexico. Companies and marketing experts took note of its success long ago. For this reason, in recent years they have developed influencer marketing campaigns . This strategy links brands with these personalities of great visibility, prominence and influence in social networks. In this way, influencers spread the word: promote new products/services that consumers fall in love with. Choose your influencer Create content (together) Evaluate the campaign Why look for them? Who are they? Influencers are young people who target other young people on their social networks.

Index Of Contents Who Are They?

They started from YouTube, but we Dominican republic phone numbers found them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. They have so much charisma and charm in the digital world that they already surpass the communication power of traditional media. Now it is not television, but the influencers who define the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, what you eat, where you travel. Yuya – 21 million followers on YouTube , 10.6 million on Twitter and 13 million on Facebook . Werevertumorro – 6 million followers on YouTube , 8.4 million on Twitter and 22 million on Facebook.

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Eljuanpazurita – 6 million followers on YouTube , 16.5 million on Instagram , 5 million on Twitter and 6.3 million on Facebook . CaELike – 8 million followers on YouTube , 4.2 million on Twitter and 5.7 million on Facebook . Yosstop – 3 million followers on YouTube , 1.4 million on Twitter and 4.6 million on Instagram . That’s why so many brands in the automotive, fashion and food sectors (to name a few) partner with them to reach their audiences naturally. Why don’t you look for them to design a campaign with them? Here we tell you how: Choose your influencer.

What Do You Want To Achieve With The Campaign?

The ideal influencer will depend a lot on your goals, the product and the client you are looking for. Sure, you need to assess quantity (followers, reach, etc.), but each influencer will give you specific quality elements (engagement, purchase motivation, conversation, etc.). Video player 00:00 00:60 You can go for experts who recommend a product or service because they use it and it gives them good results. Celebrities promoting fashion products. Cool hunters who test the latest products for reviews and recommendations. Or niche experts, popular for specific sectors and with great knowledge of certain topics.

Search for the products and services you review. What do you work on; what places do you visit That data can tell you a lot about the audience that listens to it. Also pay attention to your social network with more followers, as it will be where the campaign will have more weight. Create content (together) If you already have the plan, the stages, the objectives, the goals and the influencer , work with him to find the best path for the campaign. Think about specific messages, publication dates, channels and ways to create content.

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