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This country make this issue something very sensitive and at least for me. Very close because I am venezuelan. When I read the note that just came out. When executing a marketing action in real time. The least we have is time, so we must know these terms beforehand. So as not to make unforgivable mistakes in the publications. Allow me to present you these own real cases as an example. Some errors can be clarified later. Align with the communication standards of the brand all commercial brands. And even personal ones must have their digital communication rules defined. Without going into details, the search for peace. And the bloody events over many years in that.

What we can do is highlight a tragic event with total respect

and make ourselves present in support of it. Without falling into improvisation. Before launching this marketing campaign we have to assess the impact. It will have on our audience. You should never take a sensitive fact and highlight it as a mockery. Design Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List   the impact tweet, haiti email list even if it is not the perfect one as we mentioned. the “momentum” is decisive, many times we don’t have time to think much about the idea or to correct style or even grammar. We must seek to be agile and somewhat flexible. Whether it is a scheduled or spontaneous action, it is vital that the launch is done just when the event is generating massive interest in your digital geographical area. 3.- spontaneity but with respect be very agile.

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, minute by minute, talking about what is happening. Identify the event monitor social networks to identify relevant news. This event must be current and novel. Because it is unusual, entertaining or emotional. If you do not have professional monitoring tools, you can rely on a network of influencers in your sector. 2.- execute the action at the climax, take advantage of the “momentum”. The basis of real-time marketing success is the speed at which the action based on the event is executed. It must generate interest or surprise.

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