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In the next 2-3 years, in my humble opinion, traditional brands will not have much room for growth in online stores. It is difficult for a store with monthly sales of 3 million to achieve monthly sales of 10 million. There are two reasons for me to do this. Judging, first, the Afghanistan Mobile Number natural flow of each brand on the Internet tends to be stable. For example, brands such as Masfer and Ellass basically maintain an average daily flow of 10,000 to 20,000. On the basis of no promotion investment, the sales volume will also tend to increase.

It Depends on Whether Afghanistan Mobile Number

Stability is nothing more than a slight increase in performance under the condition of increased product investment. Second, whether it is O2O or the emphasis on the Internet, it is impossible to make major adjustments to the existing supply chain structure of traditional brands, because this does not It is only the adjustment of the supply chain, but also the adjustment of the supply Afghanistan Mobile Number rhythm of hundreds or even thousands of offline stores. Even companies with annual sales of over 500 million may not have this system. On the contrary, the sub-brands under the traditional brands, and even the online-only brands will have unlimited possibilities. First, they can completely get rid of the consideration of offline stores and have more flexible control over products.

They Have the Will to Afghanistan Mobile Number

Afghanistan Mobile Number
Afghanistan Mobile Number

Second, they have a high-quality product planning background. The expression of products is much higher than that of online brands from grassroots, even in terms of vision. Third, they will try new breakpoint supply chain structures, test new models, and respond Afghanistan Mobile Number quickly. It is best to work closely with small factories with 20-40 people. Cooperation can really achieve the supply chain model of production at any time and rapid replenishment. Fourth, when traditional brands are struggling in the online market of the first brand, they will pin their hopes on the network of sub-brands and allocate resources. will spare no effort.

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