Branded Content, Sponsored Content, Native Content

Branded Content is a very powerful tool if you decide. To implement it in your strategy; It is different from sponsored content or Sponsored Content and balance. As in everything, will allow your brand to be on the side of the force. Content Marketing has different ways to be successful and thus attract prospects. Generate customers and even have brand loyalty. In this blog we want to talk to you about the difference. Between very important concepts that influence the creation of a strategy.

With customers increasingly informed and at the same time with short attention spans, it is vital to enhance the messages they receive. Index of contents Let’s start at the beginning: Content Marketing branded content Sponsored Content Native Content Conclution: Let’s start at the beginning: Content Marketing Content Marketing is the entire strategy that surrounds the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content aimed at a target audience, in order to convert them over time, into customers.

Loyalty Each Stage Has A More Or Less Rational Factor

And not only that, success is to Afghanistan phone number list nurturing those customers. So that they are loyal to the brand and even talk about it and recommend it. Content is any tool that serves to connect with customers: videos, blogs, pdf’s, e-books. Infographics, presentations, podcasts, e-mails, webinars, etc. The point is to know how to decide. When to use each type of content, identifying: the preferences. Needs and attention levels of your audience throughout the purchase process: 1. Attraction 2. Persuasion 3. Conversion. Therefore, the design of the strategy. Must also consider the emotional profile of your buyer person.

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Knowing him thoroughly allows us to know the values. He has and let the client know that we are empathic from that level. Branded content From here, we can identify different types. Of content depending on the budget we dedicate to attracting and convincing our audience. Branded content The branded content or brand content is mainly designed. To transmit values, emotions, ways of thinking and elements , perhaps less tangible. But with a correctly constructed storytelling they can be capable of generating that connection.

Who Produces The Content?

In other words, the objective of Branded Content is to generate notoriety. And brand affinity rather than specifically sell a product or service. The Own Brand Where is it published? On their own platforms It appeals. To the emotional and is not invasive; that is, it is not a commercial. The audience knows that it is branded. That is, produced by the brand itself, but it is not annoying because. It entertains and/or educates.

What is intended is to convince by telling a story. Conveying an experience to the audience as Red Bull did a few years ago. If we don’t have the Red Bull budget. We can do Branded Content. The formats that can be used to create brand value. By relying on storytelling can be: Videos Articles and blogs Studies free e-books. Applications Interactive games experiences or events. Infographics branded-content By the way, design matters. We share with you the heat map. That the creators of this infographic made at the time.

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