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Third, pay attention to resource integration . Taking the coal industry as an example, the current coal mining industry is in recession. First, because of Changsha Mobile Phone Number the global economic downturn, energy consumption cannot be increased. Second, due to the adjustment of China’s energy structure, whoever owns mines now loses money. How are coal companies doing now? To transform, to integrate coal and electricity, to have its own electric field. I think this is also the policy of the country. As a company, we must look at the earth from the moon, stand higher and see farther. I hope to cooperate with the State Grid Changsha Mobile Phone Number as soon as possible. Where is the coal, where is the electric field, and where it is delivered to developed areas, this is a very big adjustment of the energy structure.

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We are a manufacturing enterprise. In fact, we also invest in real estate. In the past decade or two, some Internet enterprises have emerged. These two are Changsha Mobile Phone Number actually interdependent. Manufacturing enterprises must embrace changes. More buyers can have more information and improve their channels to meet customer needs, so these two should always embrace and move Changsha Mobile Phone Number forward, but we must not say that because of the Internet, we can let go of existing traditional products , does not pay attention to product development, does not pay attention to the internal management system, so these two aspects are very important.

Internet Cannot Do Without Changsha Mobile Phone Number

The gambling game between Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu reminds us once again that traditional enterprises should embrace the Internet as soon as Changsha Mobile Phone Number possible; the competition among Internet enterprises will continue to intensify in the future, and every industry and every business model will encounter competition challenges, so we cannot underestimate the traditional ‘s enterprise. As an enterprise, we must build our own competitiveness. First, we must focus on a certain Changsha Mobile Phone Number industry, such as certain products. We must do this product well before we can win. Of course, we also need to use some external sources as much as possible. Favorable conditions, such as the Internet, is one of them. The key is that we must focus on creating products with competitive advantages. This is the most important.


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