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Recently, Tencent e-commerce organized a micro-shopping exchange meeting. At the meeting, the relevant persons in charge of Micro-shopping and Lingzhi introduced the progress of their respective O2O projects. Speaking of which, I have to first introduce the relationship between the two. The Tencent e-commerce micro-shopping team and the brand VERO MODA of Malaysia Phone Number relationship. The two parties are exploring O2O on the basis of WeChat public accounts. Although they belong to the same project, However, the roles of the two are different. Micro-shopping is a platform that provides products, while VERO MODA is a user who uses products. Upcoming new features will add new considerations such as reading scenarios.

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The WeChat Malaysia Phone Number O2O project is in charge of the Tencent Wechat shopping team. Wechat does not focus on WeChat stores, but concentrates on developing O2O projects. This direction is reliable. If we create a Taobao-like model on Wechat, It will seriously affect the user experience of WeChat. Choosing to cooperate with traditional brands with offline stores, the O2O attempt based on the CRM  function of WeChat public account has already achieved results, which is the case of VERO MODA under Lingzhi. Compared with 2010, the competition in the field of mobile reading is more intense. Li Senhe is fortunate that Zaker entered this field early and took the lead.

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Although WeChat O2O still faces some problems, it can be seen that Wechat insists on a reliable route. In addition, it is not the Wechat team that determines the direction of Wechat O2O, but the needs of offline store brands, and the primary purpose of Wechat to do O2O is not. In order to subvert traditional e-commerce, it is better to serve traditional retail than Ali. WeChat will not be Malaysia Phone Number able to subvert Ali for a while, but it can seize the opportunity and block the way of Ali O2O. The failure of Ali O2O will seriously affect its listing process. In the period of rapid market development, if the rhythm is wrong, it may completely overturn. I  have tried  the Malaysia Phone Number shopping function of VERO MODA WeChat official account, and it is not bad.

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