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Your boss controls your destiny. So getting to know your boss better, both Latvia Mobile Number personally and professionally, will benefit you the most. From Graduation to Company: A Practical Guide to Steady Advancement, Andy. Andy Teach said. “It doesn’t mean you’re going to be friends with Latvia Mobile Number them or play with them, but you need to know what they like and what they don’t like. The more you communicate with your boss, the better it is for you.” When you’re good at At this time, also try to get to know your boss’s boss, he advises.

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“Your positive attitude can be shown in your facial expressions posture tone of voice and speed of speech. Says Lynn, an American workplace expert and author Latvia Mobile Number of Taming the Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Deal with Your Boss’ Childish Behavior and Improve Work Performance . Lynn Taylor said. “Show confidence in your work. You’re the only one qualified to do the job you’re doing.” Imagine that everything you’re Latvia Mobile Number contributing contributes to the company’s bottom line, she says. “Even if something is risky, you can challenge it in 2014. Ego, see setbacks as opportunities.”

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Latvia phone number
Latvia phone number

One of the most common mistakes managers and staff make Latvia Mobile Number today is that, in the vast majority of cases. Both sides are afraid to sit at the negotiating table and discuss fundamental issues, Taylor said. “The fear of conflict is irresistible, but if in 2014, you can communicate Latvia Mobile Number boldly, frequently and sincerely. And have the courage to iron out disagreements. You will likely be less stressed and a more competent employee. Misunderstandings that arise in employee communication are often time-consuming and, if not resolved, often lead to conflict. “Over-reliance on the simplicity and directness of technological means of communication can exacerbate conflict.”

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