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But the best way to watch Facebook Watch content is Creator Studio. This tool manages all the activity of creators in content libraries Another advantage of Facebook Watch is that it can give brands a new opportunity to interact with their fans , through Ad Breaks. This program will allow Watch allies to monetize their videos, starting in September 2018. Of course, they must meet some parameters: Create videos longer than 3 minutes. Have more than 10,000 followers. Generate more than 30 thousand views of one minute in 2 months. Contents Along with news slots and reality shows, Facebook Watch is already creating a whole grid of original content for its audience.

Some of his most outstanding projects are the following: Humans of New York: The Series – A docuseries inspired by the famous Humans of New York blog created in 2010 by Andrew Stanton. SKAM Austin – A teen drama about the middle/high school years Sorry for Your Loss – Black comedy about a recently widowed woman Tom vs Time – Series chronicling the life and workouts of Tom Brady , quarterback for the New England Patriots. Returning the Favor – A reality show where the actions of altruistic people in the United States are narrated. Facebook’s original plan was to allocate between 10,000 and 40,000 dollars for short videos, although this budget already includes 50,000 to 70,000 dollars.

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On the other hand, the full-time Croatia phone numbers (from 30 to 50 minutes). Have budgets of 250 thousand to one million dollars. And in 2018 they hope to spend a billion dollars to produce original content for Watch. We cannot deny the influence of Facebook in the interaction between brands and customers. There, every strategy you decide to implement should focus on authentic dialogue. Not just self-promotion. Are you looking for the best way. To create a content strategy for Facebook? One of the main objectives of a digital marketing agency is. To grow your brand, and that it has a position in the network.

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For businesses, having an online presence is no longer optional. Because if you’re not there for customers, you simply don’t exist. Today, profitability and growth do not depend on traditional advertising. People’s eyes are on their cell phone screens. That is the place where all the moments of attention, interaction, entertainment, commerce, etc. take place. Index of contents A digital marketing agency to get rid of invisibility Concepts Teamwork Investment A framework of trends to know if you need an agency An increase in talent management More content on mobile Video production increases A digital marketing agency to get rid of invisibility.

Digital Marketing Agency More Than Business Concepts

The image of a brand in the online universe has to do with three main factors that, mixed together, can guarantee the expected results. Digital marketing agency More Than Business Concepts To aim for success, it is necessary to understand the weight that concepts such as: Web positioning (SEO) Social media management Administration of advertising campaigns online store Search engine guidelines (SEM) Inbound marketing or content marketing campaigns . Teamwork teamwork Kipit Digital The next step is to devise a solid strategy with real results; that is, teamwork .

Supporting yourself with an agency allows you to delegate planning to a team updated on trends and digital tools. An external consultancy will be able to evaluate in a professional and concise manner the true situation of your company. You will also get information from your direct competitors to develop a more effective strategy. This gives you the possibility to visualize each of your commercial objectives, thanks to the use of digital platforms that only professionals use. Only someone with all the knowledge will understand your needs and will be able to give you better results.



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