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The summer’s protests over george floyd’s death while in police custody further. Complicated an already fraught environment for marketers — one where. Above all, Daily life and the economy were destabilized by the coronavirus pandemic. Brands struggling to meet changing consumer needs brought on by. In addition, The India Phone Number health crisis soon had to also wade into politically risky waters and confront. Similarly, Racial injustice in america. For some, that meant reckoning with racist brand imagery or affirming. Above all, That black lives matter for the first time — actions seen as too India Phone Number little. Similarly, Too late for many activists. Others fumbled the opportunity. In addition, Staking out a position early on before disappearing from the conversation.

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The India Phone Number case for ben & jerry’s, as activism and marketing around. Racial justice has been the brand’s modus operandi for years. With an established framework to pull from, the ice cream marketer. Was able to chime in quickly on important, timely discussions without. Reading as inauthentic. The India Phone Number company hasn’t backed down from its bold stances. Either, and continues to produce content that raises awareness around. Racism’s deep-seated history in the u.S.“as an organization. We really try to use our place in culture and our marketing apparatus. In support of social movements to help them to make the world a better place for everyone.” said jay curley, global head of integrated marketing at. Ben & jerry’s. Continuing the conversation.

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Cream brand has a strong track record. Of cause-driven work, but began focusing broadly on racial justice. And criminal justice reform in the past few years. After that, To India Phone Number those ends, it has used its global platform to explain how systemic racism. Works and to support organizations like color of change and the aclu — initiatives that. Are spearheaded by the company’s internal activism team. When protests hit this summer, ben & jerry’s was ready to continue. After that, The India Phone Number conversation.“ when george floyd was murdered, a lot of businesses were. Figuring how to engage — we had been actively engaging. For us, it wasn’t about going on record and saying ‘black lives matter.’ — we had done that back in 2016,” curley said.“

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