A Peek Inside the Bag of Fantasy Turkey Phone Number Photographer Bella Kotak

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Initially finding photography with a Turkey Phone number bettering her Photoshop skills, fine art fantasy photographer Bella Kotak fell in love with the story, light and subjects she was capturing. Now, Bella spends most of her photographic time outdoors creating beautiful, otherworldly images. Based in Oxford England, she has traveled the world bringing her fairy tale visions to life. Recently, we had the chance to talk to. Bella about her creative process and inspiration. And today Turkey Phone Number, she shares with us the equipment she uses to capture her fantasy world.

How Do You Determine Turkey Phone Number What Gear You Need for a Shoot?

Since most of the time it’s usually Turkey Phone Number just myself and the model on a shoot, particularly since most of my images are shot on location, I tend to keep my kit as small as possible. I bring only the essentials and only what I feel is suitable for the shot I have in mind to capture. A portrait kit is very different to my kit for my fine art shoots. My bag will have a camera, a maximum of two lenses, a reflector, lights and light stands. I love to shoot with a Phase One camera system. The one I have is the IQ3 Trichromatic 100MP which shows detail so beautifully. Each file is pretty big with a lot of information, which allows me to push and pull the Turkey Phone Number colors a lot further and really get that soft painterly effect that I’m drawn to.

Miscellaneous Turkey Phone Number Items

Lately, I’m really enjoying using little Turkey Phone Number Lume Cubes to add some interest in my lighting setups. The bag I use at the moment is the Vanguard VEO 37. It’s small, which forces me to strip back on my kit and still big enough to accommodate a prop or two! In addition to, her surreal creations for magazines and gallery showings, Bella has had the honor of creating a series of images for the Birmingham Royal Ballet. When she is not busy creating stunning fantasy images. We can also find Bella. We can also find Bella hosting and co-hosting workshops, such as the upcoming The Creative Experience – Dubai this week. To keep up with Turkey Phone Number all of Bella’s work you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook, or visit her website.

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