A Fun Approach to Product Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List Photography and Composition with Ross Floyd

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In e-commerce, there’s one undeniable Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List truth: how a product is visually represented makes the first impression on a potential buyer. In order to make that product irresistible to consumers, the photographer needs to know which elements to draw attention to and how to use effective techniques, like lighting, retouching and compositing to really grab the viewer. Ross Flood has been shooting product photography for over seven years, working with Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List a team where he shot for eight hours a day and created about 10,000 images a year himself. His extensive experience has led to him working with some of the biggest furniture manufacturers in the world and pulling off some incredible photoshoots. So, how could we not invite him to share his knowledge and tips in our Ultimate Guide to Product Photography?


 How Did You Get into Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List Product Photography?

I tell stories of people who make things Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List. And about the objects, and spaces, and experiences they create. That’s the underlying theme of everything that I do. I’ll shoot really high-end furniture one day, then I’ll shoot construction workers putting up a new type of building material the next day. I’m all over the board. But I really have a passion for really high-quality imagery. That’s what most of my clients are drow to. I went to school for photography. Actually, my background is in digital printing. I worked for another photographer named Jason Lindsey for about four years and I learned Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List a lot from him. He was a travel and advertising photographer, so we had a lot of challenges.

Were You Always Interested Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List in Product Photography?

When I was in school, I was shooting Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List mostly people. My senior year, my thesis was this kind of really goofy diptych. Most of my work then was about my anxiety with relationships and things like that. So, the best one I did was actually a still-life of two plastic skeletons that I had stolen from a science lab. I had them posed as if they were hugging each other. And then, the next one, I blurred that same image so it looked like a blurry image of people in flesh. It was all about Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List death and this is the end. Visually interesting, but creepy. There was another one of just two people from the waist down, showing a woman kicking a man in the crotch.

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